Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Here is my current CD Halo collection. Pretty Sexy if you ask me, I am quite proud. I think my first born is going to have to be named Michael Trent, and my second Kiefer. That is, if I ever have kids.

Things that I bought today

Well, today I bought the digital versions of NON BLUE, pre-ordered RED, ordered a copy of Halo 08V (The Downward Spiral on Vinyl for you nubs), some bug spray, and probably something else I am forgetting. I got my sealed copy of Sigil 2 (How To Destroy Angels EP) to add to my collection, cant wait to get my bluray deluxe edition of Null 01 (The Social Network 5.1 Blu-ray Soundtrack). Also getting kind of annoyed with how long its taking to get my copy of Halo 17 (And All That Could Have Been Live DVD) I ordered it like two weeks ago. Kind of getting annoyed.

Hey pigs

So, first post. This will be about shit that is awesome. Mostly Trent. You know, because he is most awesome.